Fantasy Premier League

Where to Start - Finding Discipline

This is a new year.  You’re sick and tired of losing your mini league to the same damn person every single year.  You’ll have a plan, you’ll stop taking too many four point hits to catch up, you’ll have a captain strategy this year and stick to it!  You’re going to be clear and concise, you’ll have the discipline to efficiently move from gameweek to gameweek.  Maybe, somehow, that will be enough.  You’re right.

The Next Best FPL Metric - BPI per 90 Minutes

I took a look at the Bonus Point Index from last season in preparation for this upcoming 2017-18 FPL, but it wasn't telling me a lot. Accumulated BPI doesn't tell me how good players are nor how many bonus points they'll get. So, I did a little spreadsheet-ing and created a pretty cool metric that shows the true value of BPI, Bonus Points and the efficiency of FPL players. Hope you like it.

Alonso and Milner: A OOP Analysis

There were two interesting examples of OOP (out of position) players in FPL last year: Marcos Alonso and Boring James Milner. One benefited from being OOP; the other struggled for any fantasy points.

Read my analysis of what the actual value is for OOP players from a fantasy Premier League perspective.