4 Things to Keep in Mind at the Start of the FPL Season

Don’t plan out your transfers for the first few weeks

First, it’s great to plan transfers. “I pick this £4.5 defender up in GW 3 and switch him out GW7 when his schedule gets difficult.” I totally get that, and I do that… but not at the beginning of the season.

“I’ll have Daniels for the first two games then switch him out for an Everton defender.”

Don’t. Just don’t... I don’t care how much pre-season soccer you watched and how much planning you’ve done. One or two of your “sure things” won’t be so sure thingy - Transfers, Transfer requests, fitness issues, new players transferred in, injuries, new managers, new systems, this year’s Capoue pops up out of nowhere, etc. - shit will happen that you weren’t expecting and your calculated, planned out transfer schedule turns into a clusterfuck of awfulness (and an eventual early season wildcard).

Plan your team for the first 4 gameweeks. Don’t worry. You’ll make those transfers. You just don’t know what will happen.


have a Double transfer rolling for a few weeks

For similar reasons to the first point - The biggest advantage to your squad early on in the season is a free double transfer. You need to jump on opportunities quickly without taking a Four Point Hit (shameless plug). Having only one transfer leaves you vulnerable to a transfer that doesn’t quite work. If you want to get Aguero and you only have Lacazette? You need that double transfer wiggle room. So… have a free double transfer rolling for a couple of weeks in order to capitalize on. 

Everyone on your team has a purpose

You’ll invest in the superstars which you play every week no matter what. You’ll have those value £7.0 midfielders that you’ll never captain, but play every game - switching them out eventually. You’ll have your rock-solid defenders as well as your rotating £4.5 defenders that don’t start most weeks…

… But everyone needs to serve a purpose. Even if you are not planning on playing them at all - a £4.5 midfielder should get minutes and perhaps increase in value. You shouldn’t have any “throw-away players” - You should be increasing the value of your team, having a plan and getting rid of deadweight as soon as possible.


Triple Captain Lukaku your first match

It’s like going to prison, your first day - beat the shit out of someone. Fucking make a statement and go to first place right away in your mini-league… jk

Let me know what you think. KThx