A Serving of Wine with Mohamed Salah

I work from home, and I watched a lot of AS Roma in 2017. I still like Edin Džeko, and I felt like any chance I could get to catch Totti playing was going to be worth the time. I can’t recall thinking: “I hope Liverpool can sign that quick fellow with the afro”. Leap forward a few weeks into June, and the summer transfer rumors are upon us. Like many Liverpool fans, I quickly went to Youtube (see below) after hearing the first rumors of a winger signing from Roma, and his name is Mohamed Salah. I watched all 15 goals from 2015/2016. I watched all 19 goals from 2016/2017. This man has quick feet, and scores far more goals closer to the 6 yard box than the 18. The story on him from nearly every media outlet is he has blazing speed, where I saw a high number of very smart runs or poach goals where he beats everyone on the pitch to the ball.

Fantasy-wise, I hope for an 8.5 priced right winger (or OOP midfielder) that plops into our 4-3-3 favorably. A man that can benefit from Coutinho precision, that will play the opposite side of Mane, will have many a chance to find chances to create. The opening fixture list for Liverpool is favorable, and he slides into a side that played better than anyone vs. the Top 6 last season, so MC away and Arsenal at home won’t discourage. He could end up with 200+ points and be an incredible value. He could also be priced at 9.0/9.5, with many of those opportunities will also be used by Mane, Firmino, Coutinho, Lallana, and Wijnaldum. Does that reach 170 points on the season? I don’t know how selfish he is: he could be taking away from Liverpool’s main goal threat in Mane, and poach off of Bobby DUI’s finishes.

I think he will be 2nd behind Mane, but ahead of the Brazilians, in Liverpool’s midfield. They could all finish in the 170s, and depending on when you brought each one in and caught their hot streak, could make your season. I’m putting him on the selfish side, with a 12+ goal season, and nestling into 175 pts and 8th overall in the final FPL midfield ranks. If he is 9.0+, this is a frustrating to own prospect, much like Kevin De Bruyne. If he is 8.5, I would welcome him on my team while his form flag is flying high.