Josh King has lost a lot of appeal being a £7.5 Forward :(

In basketball, sometimes a dude just gets hot. It could be the best player on the team or some scrub from the bench that averages under 3.2 points a game. It doesn’t matter. If someone gets hot - everyone needs to get that guy the rock... That’s Joshua King last season.

Not saying he’s a scrub nor am I saying he’s the best player on Bournemouth. I'm just saying that last season he got really fucking hot. Josh definitely didn’t want the season to end; he was that hot.

Please Note: This is not a “look out for a second season slump” bullshit post. I just want to look at Josh King’s new evaluation in FPL (fair or unfair as it is) and determine if he’s worth it for the 2017-18 season.

Let’s assume that he continues as he did and has the same season as last year (stays hot in the beginning and perhaps cools towards the end) - BUT as a £7.5 Forward instead.

Let’s also assume Josh is still on penos (missed 1 last season), same amount of assists (3), bonus points (17), minutes played (2,714) and had no injury / discipline problems.


Is Joshua King worth it at £7.5?


Josh King - The £6.2 Midfielder

  • 16 Goals = 80 points

  • 9 Cleansheets = 9 points

  • Total Season Points = 178 (2 points behind Firmino, but King is £2.3 less)

  • Value (season) = 28.7 (2nd highest outfield player)


Josh King - The £7.5 Forward

  • 16 Goals = 64 points

  • 9 Cleansheets = 0 points

  • Total Season Points = 153 (13 points less than Defoe at relatively the same price of £7.4)

  • Value (season) = 20.4 (60th highest outfield player)

    • Slightly more than Raheem Sterling at the same price of £7.5


Could he have a better year than last season? - Totally. Could he have a worse year than last season? - Totally.

Again, I’m not saying he’s a bad choice of players, and I like Bournemouth’s team, manager and schedule in the beginning of the season although Defoe will throw a wrench in the striker rotation. I’m just saying that making King a £7.5 Forward changed him from a “must-have” OOP midfielder to a more expensive Fernando Llorente.

Let me know what you think. KThx