Fantasy Premier League

Josh King has lost a lot of appeal being a £7.5 Forward :(

News came out early on July 7th that Joshua King will be a registered £7.5 Forward for the 2017-18 season. He was a red-hot OOP player last year that bagged 16 goals and cheap as shit. But, how does this new evaluation of both price and position effect his potential? I try to figure it out...

Where to Start - Finding Discipline

This is a new year.  You’re sick and tired of losing your mini league to the same damn person every single year.  You’ll have a plan, you’ll stop taking too many four point hits to catch up, you’ll have a captain strategy this year and stick to it!  You’re going to be clear and concise, you’ll have the discipline to efficiently move from gameweek to gameweek.  Maybe, somehow, that will be enough.  You’re right.

Alonso and Milner: A OOP Analysis

There were two interesting examples of OOP (out of position) players in FPL last year: Marcos Alonso and Boring James Milner. One benefited from being OOP; the other struggled for any fantasy points.

Read my analysis of what the actual value is for OOP players from a fantasy Premier League perspective.

A Serving of Wine with Mohamed Salah

With Mo' Salah's arrival at Liverpool - what are we to make of his fantasy output? A speed merchant with a poacher's sight at goal, he could be a very attractive addition to any fantasy team. But is he a forward or a mid? Will he be an 8.5 or a 10.0? All of these will factor into his end value.

In the end, Liverpool fans are excited.

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We are very much excited about the upcoming 2017-2018 fantasy Premier League season. We are planning on producing a podcast at the beginning of each month to preview the next four gameweeks give or take on scheduling.

As far as blog content - this is a little more variable. Our team of three amateur writers will be contributing to the written word as we find time and if a topic peak's our interest. Please do check them out as the Four Point Hit's Blog is FPL related and original (we promise we won't rip off and re-purpose other fantasy ideas).

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