6 Rules of FPL Team Names

It's that tinkering time of the year! Many of you are wasting away building, re-building, and over-thinking your 2019-20 fantasy premier league team. However, there is one aspect of your team you cannot ignore... Your FPL Team Name.

It's really important. It will give you the luck, the swagger, and the panache to take on your mini-league. Just think of your opponents cursing you team name forever. Sweet, isn't it?

The last thing you want to do is have a shitty, copied, unoriginal FPL team name. Please enjoy the rules of a good team title:

1.  Don't copy FPL team names.

Please, please, one-thousand times please do not use these generic, non-funny FPL team names:: Scoregasms, BoomXhakaLaca, ManChestHair United, and I could go on... Basically, if you've seen it before, DON'T USE IT!


2.  Don't be obvious

If I see another InSane in the Membrane I'm going to freak the geek,out. There are obvious names to rhyme with or fit into three syllable words. But instead of that, be a little more inventive and avoid the “Kane” puns. 


3.  Don't be boring

Team Chris, AFC Drew, [insert last name] FC - You're better than that. This is suppose to be fun. You pour over your FPL team for hours before the season starts. Why not take 10 minutes to think of a half-way decent fantasy premier league team name?


4.  Don't be a fanboy

ManchesterIsRed, YNWA, Gooners or COYS - We get it. You're a fan. You probably have too many of those players on your team. And you probably give up eight weeks into the season. Why don't you put your fandom aside, think a little analytically, and choose a team / pick a name that doesn't scream, "I'm a full kit at the bar weirdo!" for your own dignity?


5.  It CAN be personal / an inside joke

It's fine if you have your personal gamer-tag, Twitter handle, or a team name that’s unique / original you've been rocking for years. Sometimes I look at names and say to myself, "Norwich Rat Catcher? Whatever that means... Your team is shit." And that’s perfectly fine by me. It's original, and it might mean something.


6.  Be creative, but don't be inappropriate

Adding 69 at the end of your team name or being luede is unbecoming. There's enough of that shit in other places of the internet. I know “it’s only banter”, but you should celebrate your team rather than be a 13 year old.

Hope this helps. And you can find me “Locadia Leviosa” on FPL. Good luck ya’ll.