The Next Best FPL Metric - BPI per 90 Minutes

The two best metrics to start setting up and maintaining your FPL team are Points per Match and Value (Season). Obviously, everything runs through Price and Total Points, but in order to find medium to low priced players punching above their weight - These are some of the best metrics available on a historical level.

Of course there more comprehensive statistics out there including: take-ons, clearances, shots per game, key-chances, etc. and all of these are pooled together into a player’s Bonus Point Index. A player's BPI is basically the “secret” algorithm that determines the amount of bonus points per game and is accumulated throughout the season.

Personally, I wish that take-ons, key-chances, etc. would be an individually calculated into’s scoring system, but I’m not about to get on my soapbox about that.

Unfortunately, the BPI score is accrued throughout the entire season (much like Total Score). So, the more minutes a player is on the pitch will screw the data in their favor. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; More minutes = More chances to earn bonus points. However, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

So, I Created a New FPL Metric!

Check out this Google Sheet ( I put together the Bonus Points, BPI and Minutes Played for every outfield player (fuck goalies, amiright?) from last season. I filtered out any player that played less than 360 minutes due to skew-y data and sorted the table by BPI per 90 Minutes. It’s pretty cool what you see:

The Good

Gabriel Jesus, Cesc, Giroud, Tripper, Aké, Willian - They all have very little total season minutes, but are super efficient when they play. They get on the ball, create chances and just do their job very well. Thus, they are more prone to bonus points when given the minutes even with half the time as the average player.


The Bad

Rondón, Benteke, Andre Gray, Tadic, Deeney - These guys have tons of minutes with terrible stats on BPI. Yes, they did earn bonus points throughout, but they were vastly inefficient with the minutes they got.

Please copy / pasta the Google Sheet as you wish and sort by Bonus Points per 90 Minutes and BPI per 90 per Price. Each has a different, but compelling story to tell. I just wish the would add something like this into their system. I believe it shows a more qualitative value to each player that influences actual points (IMO).

Let me know what you think. KThx