What is Four Point Hit?

Four Point Hit is a podcast team of longtime friends that loved talking fantasy soccer so much we started recording our conversations. We meet at the beginning of every month (or close to it) and give our predictions for next month's FPL outcomes and results. We help break down who you should pickup, who you should drop, general fantasy soccer strategy and some important trends you might not know about.

In summary -we love soccer, inappropriate jokes and drinking beer. If you do too, then we should be friends. Cheers!



Coder by day, Man City fan by night. Clinical finisher (of beers and tacos)



As you can see by my picture, I'm of Croatian decent and love pizza apparently. I grew up playing soccer in Wisconsin for years (no nonsense defender).



Tricky winger by trade - I've been playing and watching soccer my whole life. What can I say, soccer and Liverpool FC are life.

I started participating in FPL way back in the 2007-08 season and never looked back. As far as my overall fantasy strategy, I'm a little more emotional and tribal compared to the rest of the pod. Fuck'em